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Creditor Rights & Foreclosures

In today’s tumultuous economy, an unprecedented number of banks are being forced to foreclose on properties and ramp up their debt collection efforts. The media devotes a great deal of attention to what consumers can do to improve their credit, but little attention is given to the financial hardships experienced by financial institutions when consumers default on loans or fail to make their contractual payments.

At Hope, Trice, O'Dwyer & Wilson, P.A., we offer skilled counsel to help you handle civil litigation and asset recovery. We represent a wide range of creditors, including lending institutions, commercial creditors, and insurance companies. We’ll work to ensure that your debt collection efforts are as successful and cost-effective as possible, helping you leverage current creditors’ rights to regain your assets.

We have experience in all aspects of creditor law, including:


Securing Liens Recovering of Collateral
Debt Collections Wage Garnishment
Mortgage Foreclosure & Real Estate Liens Landlord-Tenant Law
Foreclosures of Security Interest in Collateral